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what to expect from your session

The photos are starting to reveal themselves from the very talented (Cathy) Cathy Ronalds Photography… we planned, we pushed ourselves and we conquered. This amazing lady captures something I can’t write, she captures the raw true beauty of people and their surroundings and the moment that they are in. I have never seen photography that speaks it’s own feeling. Cathy you are incredible and thank you. x ~ Ciara Jonson, Tindle Clothing

family moments – year round Posing in front of a camera can feel so unnatural to most of us. I capture many genuine moments, expressions and interactions between your family during these sessions. We will capture some quick shots together as a family at the beginning of the session, because it is nice to have those. Much of the session will be natural, not posed, though I will give prompts here and there.PINIMAGEWe choose a location that will work for the energy levels and personalities of your kids and what your family is into. This could be watching the kids play in a shallow creek in their gumboots; roasting marshmallows around a campfire and drinking hot chocolate; or heading out on a short hike together. Alternatively, we may meet at your home and I will capture your family sharing simple moments together such as a BBQ, playing in your lounge room, hanging out on the front porch, gardening together, walking the dog, and so on. You and I can talk and agree on a time and activity that best represents your family and simple moments you want to remember. We can also meet at location that is meaningful to your family. After our session I will professionally edit your photos in a combination of black and white and color. Interested in booking with me or to find out more? Please call me 0407574369 or email me

Our session with Cathy was the first time I’ve ever had FUN having photographs taken.  Our family just played and hiked and she captured it more beautifully that I could have imagined!  We are thinking of making it a yearly thing it was so painless and the photographs were so amazing. Mary Hunt M. and Allison B., Salt Lake City

birth and baby story I capture both the birth of your baby and I return to photograph you and your baby 24-48 hours after birth, all in documentary style._W7A1991-7PINIMAGEI meet with clients interested in booking with me. We get to know each other before you even book me. I like for us to know each other a little more before a birth, and you can ask me any questions you like. Once you’ve booked me, I love to know how you wish to birth and what kind of involvement your birth partner will have. I want to know you as best I can so that your photos are personal and true to who you both are. You would call me when you first go into labor, to allow me to make arrangements so I can be there with you. When you are at about 6cms dilated, call me again and I will come at that time. I will photograph your labour, the birth and for about an hour afterwards. I will return the following day (or there after, as we agree) to capture real moments between you, your baby, partner and any siblings. I attend hospitals, homes and birth centers within a 30 minute drive from the Dandenong Ranges. During your labour and birth I will be discreet, you probably won’t notice I am there. I will take a range of shots, close up and from farther back in the room. Most medical professionals are wonderful about having a photographer there, but you will need their permission for me to attend prior to the birth, out of courtesy._W7A2036-10PINIMAGEWe will make arrangements for me to return one-two days after baby is born. I will spend 1-2 hours photographing your new or expanded family together. I will shoot real moments. You need not worry about showering and make up (you can if it makes you feel good!). This session will capture everything – the elation, cuddles, sleep deprivation, roller coaster feelings, nursing, and anything else that happens while I’m there. And it will be so beautiful, trust me! After your birth and baby session I will professionally edit your photos in a combination of black and white and color. Most of them will be in black and white as I feel it conveys emotion better. Interested in booking with me or to find out more? Please call me 0407574369 or email me

Cathy’s ability to capture the most amazing labour and birth photos of our daughter speak volumes to her artistic talent as a photographer. The photos are a wonderful keepsake for our family. Sue B., Salt Lake City.

baby’s first 48 hours (fresh 48) I can attend the hospital or your home in the first 48 hours after your baby is born. Our session will be documentary style. That means you will not be posed. The images will capture all the ordinary and extraordinary details and goings on during our time together. Baby nursing, bathing, sleeping, cuddles with you, and so on. This is an ideal session if you didn’t quite want to book a birth but want to capture real moments with your new baby._W7A2265-1PINIMAGEEvery baby is different. If baby doesn’t sleep, needs lots of cuddles, nurses plenty, cries, is wide awake… this is all completely normal and your photos will capture all these moments. No session is the same for this reason. Call or message when baby is born and we would establish an appointment then. After our session I will professionally edit your photos in a combination of black and white and color. Interested in booking with me or to find out more? Please call me 0407574369 or email me

a day in the life Have me spend 3-6 hours with you and your family, doing what you normally do. Your day will be visually recorded in much the same way I photograph my own family. Doing every day things: not staged, not posed. This session captures your family genuinely and candidly, in documentary style. Your family will be photographed just as you are right now: the way you play, any casual rituals you have, the cartoon shirt your son always wears, the dance your daughter has to do before her bath… the unique and ordinary way you live in your own home. Your family’s real and ordinary moments of today will be treasured by you one day. I will be with you all day, watching for moments, chatting with you all and hanging out. I will shoot many many hundreds of images. Don’t underestimate how beautiful your every day life is now. You will receive an album full of images from your day, in a combination of black and white and color. Contact me for special pricing. I meet with clients before these sessions. Please call me 0407574369 or email me

special events I also photograph maternity sessions, engagements, weddings and special events. Contact me for special pricing. Please call me 0407574369 or email me

“Our engagement photo session with Cathy was fantastic.  She really spends the time to get a sense of what you’re looking for and goes out of her way to ensure that you’re happy. When you get your pictures back from Cathy, you will be amazed.  The lens that she sees the world through is stunning, and she can deliver that world with you in it!” Elise B., Sacramento.